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Travel trailers can expand your camping horizons for the least amount of money. Think of TTs as a dry tent. Most travel trailers will contain a kitchen, sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities - all requiring systems and components.


Once again, selection of the correct tow vehicle is paramount. Don't just go with the dealer's "Oh, yeah, that pick-up will tow this. No Problem!"

Fifth Wheelers

Think of buying a motor home as buying a home... AND a car.


Motor homes can range in size from a van-based class B to a bus chassis class A diesel pusher. The systems are complex and the consequences of purchasing a problem unit are expensive.


Don't go into this purchase blind-folded. Let us have a look at your new-to-you motor home BEFORE you sign the papers.

Fifth wheel trailers provide all the conveniences of a motor home for a lower price. Other than a drive train, 5'vers contain many of the same systems and components and present the same issues to the buyer.


Selection of the correct tow vehicle is crucial.

Many of the sysyems and components in a recreation vehicle look similar to their counterparts in the home, but don't be fooled. RV components must run on several different sources of power and power is supplied in a multitude of ways. Let a certified RV inspector go through the systems in your new coach or trailer and recommend the care and feeding of your system.


Motor Homes

Class A, B or C

Travel Trailers

RV Inspections of New England, Inc.


RV inspections of New England specializes in pre-purchase and warranty inspections of motor homes, fifth wheelers and travel trailers. Whether you're local and need a second set of eyes on a purchase, or if you live in another part of the country and need someone to look at a recreational vehicle in the New England area, we are here to serve you.

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